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Capital: Berlin
Population: 81,5 Mio. (229 inhabitants per square meter)
Language: German
Climate: temperate and marine
Currency: Euro
AFS-Partner since: 1948    

Welcome to Germany! If you are interested in spending your AFS exchange year in Germany, please direct yourself to AFS in your country. You will find links to all AFS partner countries at

Germany can truly call itself the heart of Europe. It has access to 2 seas (the North and the Baltic Sea) and stretches from the flat farming country in the North and rolling hills in the middle with some heavily industrialised areas to real mountain ranges in the South, the Alps.
Well-known to the rest of the world for its rich cultural life and many historic sites and buildings, Germany also has a lot to offer to young people. It has a high standard of living, a vibrant youth culture and provides you with a wide range of possible activities to choose from.
Sports are an important part of German life, especially soccer. Cycling is very popular too - though not so much as a sport than a way to get around. Germans will often use their bike to travel short distances. Other popular pastimes are running and working out, basketball, handball, tennis and winter sports. Note that most of the free time activities in Germany are not linked to school. You will easily make friends if you join one of the many sport clubs or organised youth groups! Your AFS chapter will also provide you with opportunities to spend your spare time with other exchange students and AFSers.

Your German host family could live almost anywhere: in a city, but more likely in a small town or in the countryside. Family life is important here - however, Germany offers you a chance to learn how to live more independently, as young people are considered to be full members of the family and are educated to take care of their own affairs and are usually given much room to unfold.

Germany is also the right choice for you if you want to learn about ecological awareness: Germany is on top of the game in such fields as renewable energies and recycling - the Green Party is even part of the government here!
And make sure to check out the German bakeries - Germany is especially famous for its hundreds of sorts of bread!

AFS Germany has over 50 years of experience and is the second biggest AFS partner after the US. We host over 650 students each year, and our 2.200 active volunteers guarantee quality support. AFS Germany welcomes you to Germany and invites you to have the experience of your lifetime!


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