International Voluntary Service in Germany
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International Voluntary Service in Germany

AFS Germany offers a Voluntary Service Program of 12 month duration with focus on work experience in the non-profit sector. This highly attractive program will give you a comprehensive experience of Intercultural Learning. We aim to foster your responsibility for the community in which we live and develop new competencies. You will make fulltime work experiences in Germany and learn from professionals.

Working fields are:

• Education & social work (schools: teacher's assistance, kindergartens, youth clubs etc.)

• Environment (ecological farms, national parks and information centers)

• Healthcare (supporting disabled adults or children in daily and work life)

• Culture (arts, music, theatre, events etc.)

This is a great opportunity to integrate into the local German culture, to get to know the landscape of social and community work and the daily work life in Germany. At the same time you will contribute to the positive development of communities and people. Germany has quite a big social service system which employs many thousands of volunteers each year. For organizations to employ volunteers results into a tremendous support of their work for rather little costs, which they could otherwise not get. For the volunteer it is often a year of professional orientation in order to find out what to study or to work and a great chance of gaining work experience. All together this will be a complete intercultural experience with personal learning and a strong focus on a practical career step.

Your profile

You should be between 18 and 27 years old, motivated to go abroad and open for a completely new experience. New experiences will come on several levels at the same time: There will be a new culture with a new language in a totally new surrounding and in addition to that you will work eight hours a day. Therefore you should be outgoing, flexible and be ready to live independently on your own in Germany.


Basic German language knowledge is absolutely required and will be tested via interview with AFS Germany. Organizations are reluctant to employ volunteers without language skills for reasons of integration into the workflow. AFS Germany finances language courses for you after your arrival. As a volunteer in Germany you should be willing to intensively learn the language.


It is desirable that candidates have a proven interest and first experience in the working field. This can either be through (voluntary) work or internships in their home countries or through university studies for instance.


Candidates with a Bachelor or Masters Degree are especially welcome to apply. It will be a great chance for them to combine a year abroad with the opportunity to gather work experiences and learn about their future professional opportunities.

Program details

The program will start in the beginning of February or August with a week long orientation seminar to prepare you to jump into the German work life. Apart from this you will receive about 30 seminar days throughout the year to develop your competencies and to address intercultural learning issues.


Participants will be placed throughout Germany and accommodated in a private room in a shared flat or in a host family. So chances are, that you will live on your own, where you will have to care of yourselves (cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping etc.). Whereas living in a host family means to respect the house rules and to actively take part in family duties and free time activities.


You will have an AFS-mentor who will support you and be your local contact person in all questions and problems. AFS-mentors have been abroad as volunteers with AFS too and are now keen to help someone who volunteers in Germany.

The dates

Winter: 1st March 2019 – 28th February 2020

Apply by 15th August 2018.

Summer: 1st August 2018 – 31st July 2019

Apply by 15th February 2018.


The price of the program is provided by the AFS-organization in your country. Please contact your AFS-office to find out the program price for you:

Fully covered by the program are:


• Project placement (finding volunteer positions in organizations and administering them)

• Accommodation

• Monthly pocket money (of 230 US$ min.)

• Health- and liability-insurance

• 30 camp-/ seminar-days

• Transport from and to airport and seminars

• Language course

• Ongoing local support as well as emergency service


These costs have to be covered by you, if not stated otherwise by the Sending AFS-Partner:


• Cost for visa application

• Medical checks and vaccination prior to departure

• International flights

Application process

Applications will only be accepted online through the national AFS-partner in your country. You can contact your AFS-office to ask for more information on the voluntary service in Germany.


Should there be any questions unanswered you may turn to AFS Germany.


For more program information see attachment:

Participants' reports