Karls Winter Academy: “Embracing Diversity and Tackling Inequalities”
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Online: Take Action to Support Diversity and Fight Inequalities

Learn how to tackle inequalities. Create projects which celebrate the diversity around you. Connect with friends from all over the world and become a global citizen.


Country: online - global

Language: English

Age: 16 to 21 years

Workload: approx. 30 hours (live calls and preparation time)


Dates and Price: to be announced


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This program is designed to empower you to identify inequalities and to create a project which embraces diversity. It opens spaces for multiple perspectives and realities. If you are looking forward to connecting with young people from all over the world and are not afraid of challenges, come join us at the program!

What can you expect?

There are many challenges in today’s world: climate change, gender inequality, discrimination, and violence against minorities. But young people around the globe are taking action to create more sustainable and inclusive societies.
During this program, together with young people from around the world, you will learn to understand how to confront these problems. Through lectures by university professors, workshops by activists and intense exchange with the other participants, you will think of a project, which will create a more just society.
You will gain insights into global and local mechanisms of diversity and inequality, as it relates to identities and society’s expectations and prejudices of different people. In the first half of the program, we dig into the theory of diversity. You will learn about the meanings of culture, stereotypes and identity, to understand how these effect interaction and concepts of privilege and inequality.
The second half is more practice-oriented, whereby the learned theories will be applied to real-life media cases. You will gain insights into processes of globalization, concepts of ethics, the role of mass media and social media as well as international and intercultural teamwork. The teaching takes place online in interactive groups.
You will also learn about and work on topics regarding project management. You will be provided with information and suggestions to come up with your own project idea. You will have the opportunity to design and plan your own project, discuss it with other participants and finally formulate a project proposal. You will present your project idea on the last day of the program.
At the end of the program you will also have the opportunity to join a variation of talks, workshops and lectures with experts in the field to gain more practical insights into topics and possibilities of creating social impact.

University student? Apply for the ECTS-track!

ECTS stands for ‘European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System’ and is a credit point system that was introduced at European universities to recognize academic achievements and make them transferable between universities. Because we are partnering with Karlshochschule International University, you will have the opportunity to acquire 3 ECTS points and expand your skillset during your studies!
Most European and many international universities will recognize your study achievements within our program. In order to acquire ECTS, you will formulate your project proposal and hand in your written project plan on January 21, 2021. If you have further questions, please get in touch with info@intercultur.de.

Need a scholarship?

Thanks to different funding we can offer scholarships for the Karls Winter Academy. If you would like to apply for one of those scholarships, you can do so directly in your online application. All you need to do is write a short text (400 to 800 characters) to tell us your motivation to join the program.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Karls Winter Academy!


Important to know:

This program is conducted by AFS, InterCultur and Karlshochschule International University.
The Karls Winter Academy is sponsored by the Mercator Foundation and the German AFS Foundation. Therefore, the participant fee is only 200 Euros. There are scholarships available and we highly encourage you to apply!

System requirements

  • Computer, stable internet connection
  • webcam and headset (or speaker+microphone)

Software used

  • Microsoft Teams, Mural, Mentimeter


Each session will last approx. two hours and will be offered twice per workshop day. Participants can choose between 9 am (UCT + 1) and 4 pm (UTC + 1) slot.

Date Topic
Week 0 Onboarding, getting access to Microsoft Teams
Saturday, October 31 Welcome and introduction to the program
Sunday, November 1 Get to know the other participants and reflecting on personal experiences
Week 1 Preparation for upcoming lectures
Social calls (optional)
Saturday, November 7 Lecture by professor
Sunday, November 8 Reflection on lecture
Week 2 Preparation for upcoming lectures
Talks by experts in the field (optional)
Saturday, November 14 Lecture by professor
Sunday, November 15 Reflection on lecture and brainstorming on project ideas
Friday, November 20 7:30 pm -8:30 pm
Week 3
Saturday, November 21
Preparation for presenting project ideas
Workshops and lectures by experts in the field
Sunday, November 22 Project day
Until January 21, 2021 Writing project proposal, support calls with Academy team (ECTS students)
Friday, November 27 7:30 pm -8:30 pm

Detailed program information with workload and schedule can be found in the program factsheet.

Your benefits:

• Understanding of mechanisms of inequalities and discrimination

• Learning strategies of inclusion and empowerment

• Project management skills enhancement

• Global Competence enhancement


Program Factsheet as PDF


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