Online: Learn programming and meet likeminded people from Asia and Germany
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Online: Learn to program with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Get coding experience with Scratch, and produce your own Stop Motion Film at the Intercultural STEM Online Session this October!


Country: online - Germany and Asia

Language: English

Age: 14 to 17 years


Dates and Price: to be announced




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This program is for everyone who wants to make friends from different countries, learn about STEM topics and is not afraid to take on new challenges. Join us for an interesting mix of workshops and the best of all: the program is for free!

What can you expect?

In the first online workshop, you will develop an idea that will later be implemented and explained in a stop motion film. You are going to gain insight into what a stop motion film is and how it can be realized with the Stop Motion Studio software. In the second part of the workshop your film will be refined and then presented.


Next stop in this STEM Session is learning to code in Scratch. Scratch was developed at the famous MIT Media Lab. It helps you learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century. You will enter your Scratch experience by programming your own greeting card. But that is just the start in the future your new skills will help you to program your own interactive stories, games, and animations.

Third topic and a big part of the program will be programming your own talking emoji. They are almost perfect with their different mouth shapes and animations are easy to program with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. From the idea to the implementation the way leads through data, data structures and web technologies to exploit the creative possibilities of coding something in the browser.


While the focus of the program will be about coding and stop motion films, you will also get the amazing opportunity to earn your own AFS Global Competence Certificate to add to your university and job applications. In this award-winning and research-backed online course you will explore self-awareness, emotional intelligence, awareness of others and how to bridge differences. This blended learning program develops tangible global skills essential to live, work, and make a real social impact around the world.


Learn to see the world through different eyes without leaving your home. Create true connections with friends from places you have never visited before. Open your mind to new ideas, experiences, and skills. Join a global community of AFS Global Citizens.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Intercultural STEM Online Session.

Important to know:

The program is sponsored by the Mercator Foundation as well as the German AFS Foundation. Therefore, participants do not have to pay any participant fee. For the Stop Motion Workshops though participants must purchase the App “Stop Motion Studio Pro” for about 5 Dollars/Euros.


The program takes place in cooperation with Hacker School (I3 e.V.) and Junge Tüftler gGmbH.

System requirements

  • Computer, webcam, headset or speaker + microphone
  • smartphone/tablet
  • stable internet connection, latest browser

Software used

  • Zoom, Padlet, Mentimeter
  • Stop Motion Studio Pro (Download $ 4.99)
  • Online Resources for Scratch; HTML; CSS; Javascript

Detailed program information with workload and schedule can be found in the program factsheet.

Your benefits:

• Developing Stop Motion Films

• Experience in Scratch programming

• Experience programming animations with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

• Work experience and problem solving in an international team

• Global Competence Certificate


Program Fact Sheet as PDF


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